‘Tis The Season To Be Fall-y

There was one day in August, just a few weeks ago, when I felt it.  The air blew cooler, that smell was in the air… it was fall, and I could just feel it coming my way.

Every September 1st, I begin to unpack my fall decorations, and place them strategically around my house.  I light the flame of my favorite Yankee candle and wait as the scent of spiced pumpkin drifts into each room.

I.  Love. Fall.

Fall brings with it cooler temperatures, which means my favorite wardrobe comes out of hiding, and I look forward to those few short weeks when the leaves are aflame, and the yards below them are glittered with a golden hue.

I admire trees… they have seen so much, and their final act before winter sets in is magnificent.  Last year I watched this particular tree line transition from a dark hunter green to the perfect fall medley of red, orange and yellow.  This year I have decided to catch the transition on film.

Beginning on September 1st, I took a photo of the tree line.  I have, and will continue to take photos of the same tree line as it performs its final magic act; changing color right before my very eyes.

Stay tuned!

~ Lauren


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