Creative Cards for Little Cash


Wedding greeting card purchased at TJMaxx for $1.99. Look at that detail- there is real lace on the front of the card!

Take a second to think about the number of greeting cards you purchase per year.  Well, right off the bat, you will most likely purchase at least a card or two for the major holidays, and, we are all bound to celebrate a birthday, wedding, baby shower, confirmation, graduation or two!  I have a quick, thrifty tip that will up your greeting card giving game while at the same time being kind to your pocket book.

I used to have a love/hate relationship with greeting card shopping.  I always wanted the card to relay the perfect message AND, I wanted the card to look pretty.  With regard to my own personal taste, a lot of the cards out there were lacking… something.  Usually, the greeting cards that I found pleasing to the eye were upwards of $6-$7!  Now, I am a card lover.  I am actually that person who saves the cards she receives, so I take greeting card purchasing seriously. However, most people read the card and toss it with the wrapping paper so spending $6-$7 seems a little much.

003 (2)

Simple and sweet. The caption inside reads, “Congratulations to a special couple.”

One day, as I was headed to the check-out at TJMaxx, I spotted a display of greeting cards.  I checked out the selection, and purchased a cute little birthday card made of brown, recycled-looking paper with a simple birthday hat on the front.  The birthday hat was colored with soft, pastel colors, and looked as if it had been drawn on the paper by hand.  The hat was completed with a bright red, 3D pom.  It was adorable and the perfect card for my girlfriend’s birthday.  The second best thing, it only cost $1.99!

After that day, I was hooked!  When it comes time for me to purchase a greeting card, the first place I head is either TJMaxx or Marshalls.  Both stores always have a varied selection, and like most of their inventory, their selection changes weekly.

002 (2)

A little 3D beading sets this card apart from the others.

As I mentioned in a previous post, summer is wedding season.  I am actually attending a wedding this evening and will be selecting one of these cards to hold our gift for the bride and groom.  Unless there is another wedding guest in attendance who knows my greeting card shopping secret, I would bet that my card will not be a duplicate!

Happy writing.

~ Lauren


2 thoughts on “Creative Cards for Little Cash

  1. Linda Beamon says:

    I love buying cards too but will not pay those prices. Now you have to factor into the price of a gift the price of wrapping and cards. I have been getting OK cards at the dollar store but like you, I like bling and dimension. Thanks for the TJ Maxx tip


  2. Liz says:

    I am so glad you reminded design me about these cards. You are right they are great and affordable. It’s like you made them yourself!


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