Veteran Parking Only

Veteran Parking Only- Thank You For Your Service

Last night, as I was watching the local evening news, I was delighted to hear a positive news story.  The anchor told a story that couldn’t have been more perfect coming off of the Fourth of July holiday.  There, in the parking lot of the Northside True Value Hardware store in Wayne, MI, are two parking spots designated as ‘Veterans Only Parking.’

According to the news story, the idea for the designated parking spots was that of the store’s general manager.  I personally think the general manager is on to something and I am not the only one.  Check out the video at Click on Detroit to see the story first hand.  I think more businesses should jump on this band wagon- let’s keep the good news flowing.

~ Lauren


4 thoughts on “Veteran Parking Only

  1. says:

    That was heart warming Lauren. It only takes a small gesture, on all of our parts, to make a difference. Thanks for sharing Love ya


  2. Hannah says:

    I love this! I think handical, veterans and mother parking should be a normal regular occurrence. Obviously we’ve got the handicap thing down. But if every place could he standard with the other two, it would make the world a much better place! Glad to see some steps in the right direction!


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