Patriotic Pies

Happy Fourth of July!

Today, people all around the USA will celebrate our Nation’s Independence.  If this holiday follows the unwritten and unspoken Right of Holidays: To indulge in a treat or two, or three… here’s a little something for your American sweet tooth.

001 (2)

Mini Patriotic Cherry Pies

I found this idea on Pinterest- not shocking!  I made a few minor tweaks to the directions and voila!  Pies are as American of a dessert as you can get so here’s what you need to do:

Preheat oven to 375º (this recipe yields 4 dozen mini pies)

Step one: Purchase (or make) your ingredients:

  • Blog 4 0064 premade pie crusts- you’ll need to purchase two boxes total as two crusts come in each box.  (Although I prefer the taste of my homemade crust, I needed something a little more dense with which I could work)
  • 2 cans of cherry pie filling
  • 4 mini cupcake tins
  • 00748 mini cupcake liners (these are optional, mostly for decoration)
  • 1 small star-shaped cookie cutter
  • Small circular cookie cutter (I didn’t have one so I used a small juice glass instead)

Step Two: Unroll one pie crust onto waxed paper and cut out the star-shaped pie toppers.  Set aside.

Blog 4 002

Step Three: Using the circular cookie cutter (or juice glass) cut 48 circles out of the raw pie crusts.  You will press one circular cutout into each cup of the mini cupcake tins.

Blog 4 005

Step Four: Fill each pie crust with 3-4 cherries, making sure each crust has just enough filling.  As you will see, if you overstuff the crust, the filling will bubble and boil over the top.

Step Five: Place a star-shaped cut out on top of each mini pie.

Blog 4 008

Step Six: Make an egg wash (beat one egg with 2 Tbsp. of water) and apply to the top of each star.  You should probably use a pastry brush but I didn’t have one so I just applied a small amount with the tip of my (freshly washed) finger.

Blog 4 009Blog 4 010

Step Seven: Place on top rack of oven and bake at 375º for approximately 25 minutes.  (The original recipe said to bake at 425º for 10 minutes but I found that my stars were browning too quickly and the rest of the crust wasn’t baking)

Step Eight: Sit back and smell the all American goodness that is coming from your oven!

Ding!  Check the pies to make sure the crust has a nice golden brown color.  Remove and place mini cupcake tin on cooling rack for approximately 10 minutes.  You will want to let the filling set a bit before you remove each pie from the tin.

Blog 4 011

Once you can safely remove the pies from the tin, let them cool further on the cooling rack.

Blog 4 013

The final step is to display your masterpiece!  After all, why go through all of that work if you can’t show it off?!

001 (2)

Happy baking, Happy Fourth of July.  God Bless America!

~ Lauren

Check out my Fourth of July Pinboard on Pinterest for the original recipe.


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