Nothing to do with anything. Really.

So, we have a new tenant at our house. He (or she) has yet to pay rent AND they have been caught eating for free for the past three nights! I was caught off guard the first time I noticed. Even though I was standing inside my kitchen BEHIND a CLOSED kitchen window… I froze, like a deer in headlights- as if this pest was going to fly across the driveway and crash through my kitchen window to get me. Of course, the Coastie was on duty that evening so there I was, left to defend the home front. Obviously my first line of defense was to grab my iPhone so I could obtain photographic proof. Well, that is pretty much all I did aside from sending the photo to my dad, my sister, and the Coastie.


HUGE raccoon.

I have a feeling this tenant is quite content sharing my space- and my trash. The feeling is not mutual. To be continued…

~ Lauren


One thought on “Nothing to do with anything. Really.

  1. Beth says:

    Those raccoons! They are rascals and you know as well as I do that your Coastie will do his best to rid you of those unwanted critters.


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