Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

Happy July!

In a few short days people across the country will gather to celebrate our independence.   If you aren’t hitting the open road or attending a cookout yourself, but instead will be the one hosting this Fourth of July then this post is for you!  With the help of PinterestMichaels, and the hostess inside, here are some tips on how to decorate for your patriotic party on a budget.

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To begin, it helps if you have a gathering point for your party.  Growing up in my parents’ home our gathering point was always the kitchen table.  My parents have a “Great Room” which doubles as the dining room, living room and all around gathering space.  When we would have company, everyone would gather in the Great Room, usually around the large farmhouse table.  In my opinion, a great farmhouse table is where it’s at!  I stuck with tradition and purchased a beautiful farmhouse table myself.  It is quite large for the Coastie, myself and our daughter, but really comes in handy when I host a party.

How to:

1.  You will need a large table- I used my farmhouse table (the more rustic, the better) however, a long folding table will do the trick.  If you use a plastic folding table, all you will need to do is add a neutral colored table cloth to help create the look.

Partys 0152.  I purchased an Ashland™ Burlap Table Runner from Michaels to lie down the middle of my table.  The runner is regularly priced at $12.99 for 5 yards but, Michaels is always offering a 40% off one item coupon so I chose to apply the coupon to the purchase of the burlap table runner since that was going to be the most expensive item I’d purchase.  I paid approximately $7.50 for the runner.

Partys 0253.  To add a feminine touch, and a little bit of color, I purchased a spool of Celebrate It™ Occasions™ Red Tulle Fabric, also from Michaels.  In order to get the vibrant red color I was looking for, I ran the tulle down the burlap runner and then doubled back over so there are two layers of tulle.  The tulle cost $2.99 for 20 yards and, with this stuff, a little goes a long way so you will have plenty left over to decorate elsewhere.  To finish off the edges, I folded the ends of the tulle over and under the ends of the burlap runner.


Partys 024Partys 018Partys 016

Partys 0314.  From wedding décor to kitchen canisters, mason jars are currently all the rage.  I purchased two large Ball® Half-Gallon Mason Jars ($3.99 each) and two smaller Kerr® Mason Pint Jars ($1.99 each) at- you guessed it, Michaels (my table setting actually shows three of the large mason jars because I already had one at home).  For this project, the jars will be used as vases.

Decorating tip: I once read in Better Homes and Gardens magazine that grouping objects in odd numbers is more appealing to the eye than is grouping them in even numbers. 

5.  I filled each jar with blue food coloring and water (three drops of coloring for the large jars and two for the small).

Partys 037Partys 036

6. We’ve made it to the last step!  My next step was adding the flowers!  I wanted to stick with the red, white and blue theme so I chose white hydrangeas.  Hydrangeas are in full bloom and they make for a beautiful, full arrangement.  Hydrangea can be pricy so I cut some from the neighbor’s yard (I, of course, had permission).  Trader Joe’s is currently selling a bunch of hydrangea for $5.99, however, any white flower will do.  If you want to throw in a little extra red, you could add a single red rose.  I purchased a bunch of red roses at Kroger (Kroger always has discounted flowers on manager’s special) for $3.99.

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This project cost me an approximate total of $26.50 (yes, if I had to purchase the white flowers it would have cost more but being resourceful helped me save some cash)!  Let me know how your table turns out!

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Have a safe, fun and festive Fourth of July!

~ Lauren

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One thought on “Celebrating the Red, White and Blue

  1. Beth says:

    I really enjoyed reading this and enjoyed seeing your ideas for the 4th! I’m sure being a military wife is not easy but it is good that you can share your experiences with others. Keep it going!


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